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Eskalation“ Musea/Gazul GA 8646.AR

This site is dedicated to Stephan Koehr's first solo CD project. „ESKALATION - Different Music for Bassoon, Wind Synthesizer and Sampled Percussion has been released by MUSEA Records (France) in late summer 2001. (where to buy)

The CD contains ten distinct compositions, each with its own unique instrumentation, advanced harmonies and complex shifting rhythms and signatures, mixing avantgarde prog rock and world fusion. ESKALATION was composed and recorded using bassoons, keyboard and wind controlled synthesizers and samples, with guest performances on violin and trumpet. If you like alternative progressive music (e.g. National Health, Happy the Man, Univers Zero, Wendy Carlos etc.) please listen to six audio samples from the CD (you'll need the flash plugin):

More music? Try www.myspace.com/eskalationmusik.


Biography (if you're interested)

Since the mid-seventies Stephan Koehr has been playing woodwinds and keyboards in several german avantgarde and jazz fusion bands. 1985 he was appointed as a bassoon and contrabassoon player in a renowned german opera and symphony orchestra. His romance with wind controlled live electronics started 1979, when he played a pitch-following analog guitar synth module via a contact mike on the bassoon reed.


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