What others think about „ESKALATION“:

"...outstanding music that will definitely appeal to those who love RIO, neo-classical chamber prog, Zeuhl, the likes of Univers Zero, Art Zoyd and Zappa and even straight-ahead progressive rock. Excellent." PROGRESSION (USA), Spring 2002

"...adventurous and intelligent. For lovers of rare musical experiences, this is a one way ticket to ecstasy!“ Koid'9 (France), Jan. 2002

"...full of inventive twists, unexpected arrangements, and outstanding playing." EXPOSÉ (USA), April 2002

"Definitely original. If you are able to imagine Happy the Man's Kit Watkins and Univers Zero's Daniel Denis to compose music together with Lars Hollmer and with Michel Berckmans on bassoon, I am pretty sure it would sound something like Stephan Koehr's „Eskalation“. This is an album deserving a large audience." TARKUS (Norway), Summer 2002

"...beautiful and lively (...) and above all, authentic and personal." TRAVERSES (France), Jan. 2002

"...a must for Univers Zero fans...speedy instrumental pieces...superb." EURO ROCK PRESS (Japan) No.14, 2002

"...a fascinating kind of jazz-rock fusion with a sometimes electronic twist (...) Very good stuff. Recommended to people who want to explore some more difficult music, but would like to have a relatively easy start." BACKGROUND MAGAZINE (Netherlands) No. 78, May 2002

"While listening even to those compositions that were performed only by Stephan himself, I have the impression that I am listening to the quartet. Stephan is an absolutely masterful bassoon player, but, apart from this, he, like a magician, is capable of eliciting truly marvelous sounds from his wind synthesizer." PROGRESSOR (Uzbekistan), March 2002

To be continued...