21. November 2021

In case you missed it on the 14th/16th of October, here you can listen to byte.fm’s portrait- interviews are complete, music is abbreviated -on Volker Rebell‘s own internet radio.Enjoy!

„Advances“ – fortschreitende Musik, von eskalation


02. September 2021

While I don’t want to start a regular blog here, I nevertheless would like to provide little background stories about the music on my anniversary release The Birthday EPisode. I hope you’ll find them enjoyable.
First is the „Mandatory Serenade“. In my studio I like to record some rhythms and background chords to practise soloing on my EWI. (Often something evolves there which may turn up in a later composition.) On that day, early 2002, I was expecting a good friend for a belated birthday event and was passing the time improvising (he is always late), when he finally entered the room and, without thinking, I immediately switched to a kind of Hendrix-fortissimo-version of that well-worn birthday song to „subtly“ indicate, that his perpetual delays annoyed me. I remember his pained look and his lopsided smile, as he said something like: „oh, a *brand* new tune. Working on CD 2, hm?“ (I wasn’t. 6 months after the release of my debut album, I had a kind of writer’s block.) Somehow this scene stuck in my mind and years later I fleshed out that creative moment for a genuine serenade. https://eskalation.bandcamp.com/track/the-mandatory-serenade.

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