Eskalation is Stephan Koehr’s project of electric avant-prog rock. Being a classical bassoonist and wind synth expert, he writes dark, complex compositions with hints of jazz, world and 20th century classical music.


  • 1973

    Stephan Koehr starts playing the flute, saxophones and keyboards in jazz fusion, avantgarde and rock bands.

  • 1979

    He adds an analogue guitar synthesizer to his live rig controlled via a
    bassoon pickup, thus sparking a lifelong fondness for wind-driven

  • 1985

    When he begins to work full-time as a classical bassoon player, he
    mostly confines his composing to studio projects.

  • 1989 - 2021

    He is a member of the orchestra of the renowned Frankfurt opera.
  • 2021

    He retires from classical playing to be able to fully concentrate on "different music".

What the press said:

„…full of inventive twists, unexpected arrangements, and outstanding playing.“ – Exposé, USA

„Definitely original. If you are able to imagine Happy the Man’s Kit Watkins and Univers Zero’s Daniel Denis to compose music together with Lars Hollmer and with Michel Berckmans on bassoon, I am pretty sure it would sound something like Stephan Koehr’s „Eskalation“. This is an album deserving a large audience.“ – Tarkus, Norway

„…intelligent rock…fantastic percussion programming…this album is a marvel.“ – Keyboards Magazine Keyboards Magazine (Germany), CD of the Month

„…beautiful and lively (…) and above all, authentic and personal.“ – Traverses, France

„…outstanding music that will definitely appeal to those who love RIO, neo-classical chamber prog, Zeuhl, the likes of Univers Zero, Art Zoyd and Zappa and even straight-ahead progressive rock. Excellent.“ – Progression, USA